Masterclass Webinars Go Live

On Sunday 3 May we held our first Japanese woodwork masterclass, live-streaming direct from Japan. As far as we know – it’s a world first too!

30 participants from over 14 countries from as far a field as Mexico, India and Brazil tuned in live to see JWA Featured Maker, Masahiro Kudo, start his journey making a traditional wooden sake cup or ‘masu’.

Thanks To Everyone Who Joined In And Special Thanks To Kaho And Masahiro!

In Episode 1, Masahiro took viewers through the marking phase of making his signature piece, including using a kehiki (marking gauge); shiragaki (marking knife); sashigane (square) and jizai-jougi (adjustable ruler). In Japanese this ‘marking’ phase is known as sumitsuke.

Consisting of 5 x 1 hour episodes, this live webinar and download series sees Masahiro using traditional Japanese hand tools and woodwork techniques to craft and finish intricate dovetail joints called ‘ari-gumi‘. Witness Masahiro work the wood with precision techniques, all by hand and interact with him directly in a live Q & A session during each episode.

Every Sunday in May 2020, culminating in a final episode on 7 June, we’ll be broadcasting live via Zoom from Masahiro’s workshop in Chiba, just outside of Tokyo.

Missed An Episode?

Don’t worry, we’re making Episode 1 FREE for everyone to enjoy.

Episodes 2 – 5: To watch and download further episodes you’ll need to be paying ticket holder so head over to Eventbrite, our ticket partner, to purchase tickets for the remaining 4 episodes.

Missed Episode 1? We’ve Made Episode 1 Free On YouTube

Masterclass Episode Summary

Each episode is 1 hour long and focuses on a particular aspect of Masahiro’s handmade crafting process. You’ll have the chance to interact and ask questions directly to Masahiro as part of live Q & A session during each episode.

3 May | Episode 1: ‘Masu‘ Cup Overview | Sumitsuke – Measuring + Marking (free to watch on YouTube here)

10 May | Episode 2: Nokohiki – Sawing | Cutting The Pins & Tails (recording is now available to purchase here)

24 May | Episode 3: Aradori – Rough Chiselling The Joints

31 May | Episode 4: Shiage – Finishing | Kumitate – Assembly PART 1

7 June | Episode 5: Shiage – Finishing | Kumitate – Assembly PART 2

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