Makoto Fukada

Makoto Fukada is founder and Master Carpenter at Seyseysha, a design and build firm based in Tokyo specialising in traditional Japanese wooden architecture.

Makoto and his apprentice, Lin, make up the small team that is Seyseysha and do everything in-house, from concept to construction. Using traditional Japanese methods and natural materials they design, build and transform Japanese-style houses with joined wooden frames and mud tsuchikabe walls (wattle and daub walls made of mud plaster mixed with straw).

A Traditional Japanese Home | Design And Build By Makoto Fukada | Seyseysha

From building and renovating all types of wooden buildings to relocating and restoring traditional Japanese homes and classical machiya (wooden townhouses), Seyseysha’s remit is wide but with a singular vision – every project is treated as a work of art.

Makoto Fukada | Master Carpenter | Seyseysha

When natural materials and painstaking artistry come together, the results are amazing: warm, restful homes and architecture that gets better with age.

Makoto Fukada | Master Carpenter | Seyseysha

Biography – Makoto Fukada

1959: Born in Suginami-ku, Tokyo

1988: Apprentices with master joiner Kahei Yamada (proprietor of Sensho, a tea-ceremony joinery studio)

1997: Launches the Fukada Makoto Studio

2003: Opens a workshop and lumber stockyard in Miyagi Prefecture

2016: Changes the name of the studio from Fukada Makoto Studio to “Seyseysha”


Address: 2-3-3-606 Nagayama, Tama-shi, Tokyo, Japan 206-0025

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