Tsunekazu Nishioka


Discipline: Miyadaiku | Temple And Shrine Carpentry
Status: Born 1908 – died 1995
Key Fact: Master Carpenter for the building of Horyu-Ji Temple

Talk to any carpenter or woodworker in Japan and if asked who they respect the most, Tsunekazu Nishioka 西岡常 will be at the top of their list. Without doubt, one of the most influential Japanese craftsmen of the 20th Century.

Tsunekazu Nishioka was a highly respected miyadaiku (宮大工), temple and shrine carpenter, and the Tōryō (棟梁, master carpenter) of Japanese Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine buildings.


Rare Footage Of Tsunekazu Nishioka At Work

More Information

To learn more, we strongly recommend you read “The Building of Horyu-Ji (JAPAN LIBRARY)” as featured on our recommended reading page. Of course, if you’re in Japan, the temple in Nara that Tsunekazu Nishioka is famed for is a must-see on our Places To Visit list.

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