Shunji Kurimori

Shunji Kurimori is an acclaimed master of Odate bentwood and the 6th generation proprietor of Kurikyu, which was established in 1874 in Odate City. Shunji has received several awards in Japan and also exhibited in the UK, Australia, China and USA.

Kurikyu is known for high-quality bentwood products emblematic of the city of Odate in Akita Prefecture. Since it’s inception over 100 hundred years ago, Kurikyu has become one of the most famous Magewappa companies in the Akita Prefecture, Japan.

Shunji Kurimori, Master of Odate bentwood or ‘Magewappa’ | Odate City, Japan

Odate bentwood or ‘Magewappa‘ (曲げわっぱ) is a traditional Japanese steam bending wood craft found in Odate, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Magewappa products are known for the brilliant elegance of their straight grain and light, rich colour.

Rice Bowls Made By Shunji Kurimori Of Kurikyu | Material: Straight Grain Akita Cedar



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