Tatsuo Haisoto

Discipline: Sashimono – Hikimage | Furniture – Wood Bending
Status: born 1941 – current
Key Fact: ‘Living National Treasure’ of Japan

Acknowledged with Living National Treasure status in 2012, Tatsuo Haisoto, is the most recent addition to the Government’s list of revered individuals.

Tatsuo adapts the Edo-era techniques of ‘sashimono‘ and ‘hikimage‘ to fit wooden pieces together without nails and by bending them into shape in his own unique way – using a saw, scores are made in the wood so it can be folded, changing the form of wood, to create a circular shape.

The Finished Article | By Tatsuo Haisoto

More Information

Biography and more information: https://galleryjapan.com/locale/en_US/artist/2441/

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