Yasuo Okazaki

Master Craftsman Yasuo Okazaki | Kokeshi Doll Maker – Naruko Style | Miyagi, Japan

Yasuo Okazaki was born in 1954. After graduating from school, he studied under his father and began making Kokeshi dolls.

The Kokeshi has been an icon of North Japan for centuries. Their simple beauty made by turning on a lathe and then drawing on stripes and facial decorations with red and black paints.

There are over 11 styles of Kokeshi, each representing a region. Yasuo’s is ‘Naruko’ style.

Situated in Northern Miyagi, in the area of the Naruko hot springs gives name to the type of these Kokeshi he makes – ‘Naruko’ style. One of the unique characteristics of this style is the doll’s heads squeak when turned.

Address: 〒989-6827 74-2, Narukoonsenshitomae, Osaki-shi, Miyagi

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