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We’re a not-for-profit organisation providing opportunities for people across the UK and beyond to explore the amazing world of Japanese woodwork and carpentry. Discover traditions and best practice from master crafts men and women direct from Japan.

Showcasing Masters and Makers from all disciplines, we uncover the past, present and future of Japanese woodcraft. Through online resources, workshops and events in 2020, we aim to inspire and educate a new generation. 

The Japan Woodcraft Association (JWA) is founded and self-financed by Daigo Smith, a woodworker in London with family roots in Japan. Recently launched, we’re at the start of a journey. Take a look around, we’d love your feedback.



  • Promote understanding and enjoyment of Japanese woodcraft traditions
  • Offer Japanese crafts people a platform to connect with a global audience
  • Showcase correct techniques, tools and traditions
  • Strengthen and preserve the culture of woodcraft in Japan
  • Act as a conduit between the UK and Japan woodcraft communities

Latest Blog Posts

TRADITIONS | Shikinen Sengu

Imagine taking 8 years to build not just 1, but 2 stunning shrines made of Japanese cypress, then 12 years later to take them down and start again? That’s exactly what happens at Jingu Shrine in Isu City, Mie Prefecture in a 20 year cycle that’s part of the ‘Shikinen Shengu‘ ceremony. The last one …

MAKERS ABROAD | Hiroshi Sakaguchi

Born in Japan, Making in the USA Introducing the first in a series of features on makers who’ve emigrated from Japan and set up a new life abroad with traditional Japanese woodwork values at their heart. In 1985, Hiroshi Sakaguchi and his wife, Ann, established ‘Ki Arts’, a traditional Japanese woodworking business in Sonoma County, …

Japan Woodcraft Journeys | Hugh Miller

Kicking off the first in our series of ‘Japan Woodcraft Journeys‘, we profile professional makers who’ve travelled to Japan to study and learn from master crafts men and women. First up is UK-based designer and maker – Hugh Miller, author of ‘Japanese Wood Craftsmanship’.


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In addition to reading and research online, we’re working with our contacts in Japan and building a team of experienced contributors to collate and publish the content you see across this site.

Notice for our Japanese readers: Hon’yaku wa mōsugu!

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