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Online Suppliers (Ship To UK)

Please note, the owners of these stores only understand basic English so please communicate your request or order in the simplest of terms.


Owner: Ryota Hayashi


Owner: Masahide Hiraide
Contact Form:


Owner: Masanori Teshiba

Tokyo Tool Suppliers (Visit In-Store Only)

English-Speaking Owners | Inoue Hamono In Sumida, Tokyo

Store Name: Inoue Hamono
Owner: Inoue san
Address: 3 Chome-17-8 Tatekawa, Sumida City, Tokyo 130-0023, Japan
Google Map Link:

Kyoto Tool Suppliers (Visit In-Store Only)

Exquisite Hand Tools Gift Wrapped By HIsahide Minamoto | Kyoto

Store Name: Minamoto-no-Hisahide
Owner: Minamoto-no-Hisahide
Address: 540-1 Nakanocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8042, Kyoto Prefecture

USA Based Tool Suppliers

Owner: Sayuri Suzuki
Contact Form:

Second Hand Japanese Tool Suppliers

Flea Markets

Temple Flea Markets In Japan | Discover A Japanese Tool With History

We can’t guarantee you’ll find your dream Japanese tool at a bargain price, but you’ll definitely have fun searching and soaking up the atmosphere in these temple flea markets across Japan.

Kyoto | Kobo Flea Market, To-ji Temple: takes place on the 21st of every month and has been a regular fixture for over 700 years. With nearly 1,000 textile and antique stalls, it’s a bustling centre perfect for unearthing a hidden gem of a Japanese woodwork tool.

Kyoto | Tenjin-san Market, Kitano Tenmangu Shrine: held on the 25th of every month, over 1000 stalls line the area in and around the shrine. Primarily selling clothing and antiques, there’s also some Japanese tools in there if you’ve a keen eye.

Osaka | Flea Market Shitennoji Temple: held on the 21st and 22nd of every month, in a one of Japan’s oldest temples with 300+ stalls.
Address: 1-11-18 Shitennoji, Tennoji-ku, Osaka.


Hiroko Japan: based in Japan with international deliveries. An eBay member since 2003, with over 1000 positive reviews, we love the great selection of tools on offer.

Japan Vintage Shop: based in Japan with international deliveries. Over 3500 positive reviews. Not all tools but worth a hunt for something rare, we found a beautiful sumitsubo here.

Got A Great Tip?

Had a great tool delivered to you direct from Japan via eBay or an independent seller? Know a flea-market we should list that’s perfect for a bargain?

We’d like to hear your tips and experiences, please contact us with your suggestions.

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