Japanese Woodwork Videos

We’ve handpicked a selection of the best video clips from across the web showcasing traditional Japanese woodworking.

In the future, we plan to categorize these videos by Techniques, for now enjoy browsing them below.

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Maker: Takahiro Matsumoto, Kamakura | Miyadaiku (Temple Carpenter) | Source: Great Big Story

Marking, Sawing And Planing Techniques | Source: Asia Worker

Overview Of The Culture Of Woodcraft In Japan | Source: Japanology

Maker: Shimpei Kimura | Sashimono-Shi (Cabinet Maker) | Source: Woodworking Enthusiasts

Maker: HIsao Hanafusa | Shoji Screens | Source: New York Times

Overview Of The Tools And Techniques In Japanese Carpentry | Source: Japanology

Traditional Furniture Joinery From Kyoto | Kyo-Sashimono | Source: Aoyama Square

Maker: Nobura Honma, Hakone | Yosegi-Zaiku (Marquetry) | Source: Aoyama Square

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