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JWA X Mandaraya

We’ve teamed up with one of the best independent tool retailers in Japan – Mandaraya – to bring those of you interested in Japanese woodwork a fantastic special offer, direct from Japan.

Japanese Woodwork Tools Starter Package | Approximately £300 Including UK Delivery And Plane Set-Up

Exclusive To The JWA

Mandaraya’s Japanese Woodwork Tools Starter Package includes 1 x 48mm plane (kanna), 3 x different size chisels (oire nomi), 1 x marking gauge (suji-kehiki) and 1 x marking knife (kiradashi). The essential items to start a journey into Japanese woodwork.

Including Delivery And Free Plane Adjustment

Crucially, your plane will be hand-tuned by the owner of Mandaraya himself, Teshiba Masanori. This vital initial set-up, a skill called ‘shikomi‘, is normally charged as an extra but Teshiba is waiving his fee, exclusive to the JWA.

Teshiba Masanori | Owner Of Japanese Tool Store Mandaraya
Teshiba Masanori | Owner Of Japanese Tool Store Mandaraya

Priced at approximately £300 (41,646 yen) (currency rates fluctuate), with UK delivery included, we think this is a great deal. As you’d expect all these tools are handmade and high quality, from one of the most respected suppliers to Japanese woodworking enthusiasts abroad.

Starter Package Details

All items below are included in the Starter Package.

Item (English)Item (Japanese)Mandaraya Web Link
Plane 48mm善正小鉋
Oire chisel 9mm助丸追入ノミ 9mm
Oire chisel 15mm助丸追入ノミ 15mm
Oire chisel 24mm助丸追入ノミ 24mm
Kiradashi 越堂 鞘付 切り出し

How To Order

Please email the owner of Mandaraya, Teshiba Masanori, directly on the email address below (we realise it’s a long address, but it’s correct!), quoting “JWA Offer“.

Quote: JWA Offer
Price: 41,646 Yen (approximately £300)
Payment: via Paypal (Teshiba will email you details)

Teshiba ships packages to the UK via registered Airmail and adjusting each plane takes some of his time, so please expect delivery within 3 to 4 weeks of ordering, perhaps longer during these current times.

Terms And Conditions

  • Limited availability – as the tools are handmade by blacksmiths and craftsmen, Teshiba may run out of stock depending on demand from this promotion, so you may need to wait a while for your order to be fulfilled.
  • Offer, including free delivery, is valid for UK deliveries only.
  • Only 1 Starter package per person allowed.
  • The Japan Woodcraft Association is not responsible for anything other than introducing the seller (Mandaraya) to the buyer (JWA site visitor), and is in no way liable for fulfilling orders or any lost and damaged goods in transit. Please contact Teshiba at Mandaraya directly for any enquiries regarding your order.

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